Crystal Schreiner is a multi-disciplinary visual alchemist- a rather quirky but poetic creative entrepreneur, director, Instagram architect and beautiful living activist from Wisconsin.

Translating and weaving a brand into a vibrant, emotive culturally rich story and into 'form'  through various multi-media in sound, film, pictures and copy is her craft of obsession. Her work has been described as stylized visual storytelling.. with feminine, imaginative, nostalgic and cinematic characteristics. Crystal's inspirations stem from her experience in the hyper-creative coastal industries she immersed herself into - the fashion photography scene of NYC and the music video world of Hollywood.

She sites visionaries and leaders such as Walt Disney, Gabrielle Bernstein, Plato, Jim Henson, Katy Perry, Woodkid, Lana del Rey, and Woody Allen amongst her eclectic mix of creative influences.

Child at heart, she is an inquisitive, muliti-passionate and fearless creative rebel with a unique and always deeply spiritual, artistic and mystical perspective in the world.

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Originally from a small village with no stoplights called Athens, WI, Crystal took a leap of faith to see what the world had to offer ( originally dreaming of becoming a composer). Much of her inspiration comes from her world travels, as she actually once lived in 6 cities in one year and holds a place in her dancing heart for the discotecas of Espana.

She is a seasoned New York Fashion Week photographer, having worked alongside legends like Bill Cunningham shooting the fashionable streets of New York for Refinery29. Her work has been seen in national publications like Sports Illustrated and ELLE Magazine and she's had pleasure to be part of creative editorial productions teams with brands like Vouge Italia, Glamour Magazine and mega girl-band 5th Harmony.

After obtaining a degree in advertising from Maquette University - Post-college, Crystal skipped the 'real world job system,' choose uncertainty and dove into entrepreneurship at the ripe age of 21. She spent a few years launching a small business marketing company (that was featured in Success Magazine) and later moved to Los Angeles for an intensive director's apprenticeship working under internationally renowned music video director Hannah Lux Davis learning and refining her craft in filmmaking, orchestrating visions and assisting the productions for some of the biggest A-List music artists in the world. 

An avid reader about human psychology, love, dreams, holistic living, metaphysics, quantum creativity, philosophy-and of course advertising,  her intrinsic and spontaneous approach to life can be viewed as harmonious, poetic and balanced in chaos- an absolute adventure constantly venturing into the unknown. 

Crystal is the co-founder of her production company Bast Pictures and media brand She is currently focused on Instagram teaching, working with selected cliental for creative direction, and building her body of directorial work as she vigorously pursues an abundant life as a creative leader, visual storyteller, and a spiritual mentor to women who want live and create from the rhythm within their awakened hearts ... or as she sums it up:  women who want to experience #BEAUTYEVERYWHERE.