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What is Quintessence?

Quintessence was perceived as something so new and unexpected in creation because it transcended the limitations imposed by the other four aspects, which led alchemists to place it above the other four in both function and form. It existed in both spiritual and material planes and is often described in texts as a luminous light that is invisible to the naked, unawakened eye. 



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When people want to have followers, they forget the very first rule about being followed.

A follower .. is someone who follows a: leader. a vibration.

A leader. Who leads and vibrates from their being.

Point blank, people follow people who own their essence and own their beingness.

Why? Because every single human on the planet has a purpose to heal from their own shadow patterns, to transcend their own ego, and return to their core limitless beingness - to know thyself beyond fixed identities and return to the rhythms of our soul. That is a place when clarity comes in.

Brand coaching provides the intimacy required and a mirror do this work. And the transformations can begin the moment that a person truly sees themselves who they are, the good the bad and the ugly and begin moving into recreating a new brand, a new paradigm, a new personal and professional culture & pulse.

We intuitively know this is the way. The truth. And its term has been overly used as the word ‘authentic.’ And the fastest way to get your essential self.. follow others who are embodied in their beingneess.

So that they will give you the courage to return to your soul as well. This stuff is deep. Its more about transformation. Courage. Self development. Understanding your soul’s evolving purpose in relation to serving a larger community … the visual expression of your DNA that shows that picture and builds that world. Your inner world, and story released.

Branding has become more about breaking beliefs, evolving our own self identity and using visualization tools to change our physiology into the brand we want to become.


The brand is the being.

My clients- they all come to me with ‘brands’ that ‘don’t work’ right and don’t attract the right crowd or worse… don’t attract at all — but what they are missing is inside. The connection. The truth that pulses from their hearts. And the harmonious expression syncing the inner and outer nature into a brand identity.

Over the last few years. I’ve taken all my skills from directing, picture psychology, music therapy, branding and writing music videos.. and developed a way to feel these deeper truths of people and turn them into expansive creative directed visions with intense accuracy.

What happens next?

My client sees themselves- ALL of themselves.

Like a masterpiece. The way God made them, in all their glory.

The mirror of their hearts desires.


They align. From the inside.

The metaphysicians, these new paradigm brand builders who aren’t afraid to embrace this new non-traditional way of unleashing brands.. these coaches who are also talented artists, who can delicately weave together the inner world with its unique form into stories and images and words will take over this branding industry. One CEO of a company at a time.

These artistically talented coaches who work with design-logic holistically, will build the future brands. They are the magic makes. The new world builders. They will build the audiences, weaving the invisible. They will unlock the leaders and ignite them with a fire in the soul. They will ignite branding into the art of being. And this is a world of beauty everywhere that I talk about.

Beauty. Everywhere.

Imagine that.