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  Hello! creative rebel.


Divergent Thinkers!

My name is Crystal, and with this website, blog and my online academy,

I have a vision to unlock more BEAUTY in the world, both inner & out.

I'm here to awaken the creative genius in every soul willing to go through the fire & fly.

   On this website, I will share my creativity tips... poetic, synchronistic living excerpts, branding expertise, give to you my entrepreneurial wisdom, and be your ...








Here, you will discover everything about beauty, aesthetics, vision, and harmony, and how to strategically and effectively apply them to your



Here, you will learn how to embrace your multi-dimensional essence and spiritual talents to design an alluring business that attracts your ideal consumers ( instantly, because we do quantum baby) and live the most harmonious, inspiring life both inside and out. You will master the matrix, and dance through life, from flow to form. 

Dig deep into my site and discover yourself through my eye candy posts, films, lifestyle updates, new paradigm advertising advice and whimsical storytelling content. I aim to spark your imagination and wake up your inner child.

I encourage you to play.

In my online course, Insta On The Rise, you can dive deep into the core of your business and learn how to creative direct like an < new paradigm > marketing pro across trending media platforms. Whether your a big brand or a curious dreamer. It works. Applying nature's laws to quantum creativity .. is mastery in essentials.

Over the next year, I will be launching programs, retreats, experiences and workshops that guide you step by step toward a beautiful, convincing, and profitable brand.. and prosperous life. 


The Importance of Beauty

Everyone – pretty much – likes beautiful things. But we tend to think of them as a bit mysterious in their power over us and, in the greater scheme, not terribly important.

Why do we like beautiful things? Well, simply because we recognise in them a part of ‘the good’.

There are lots of good things we aspire to be: kind, gentle, harmonious, balanced, peaceful, strong, dignified. These are qualities in people. But they are also qualities in objects. We get moved and excited when we find in objects the qualities we need but are missing in our lives.

Beautiful objects therefore have a really important function. They invite us to evolve in their direction, to become as they are.

Beauty can educate our souls. 

I believe that artists and architects of beauty should work hand and hand with the greatest of leaders, business people and world's innovative thinkers; for artists can give them the right ideas to make new inventions, systems and products convincing and popular.. moving toward an ever-changing, more beautiful society.

In the end: Art is to be a sort of propaganda – or advertising – for the good.

And that's why I believe orchestrating beauty can change the world.


Beauty is poetry, and is, in essence, about the imagination.

A raw, creative, beautiful, wise and witty approach to life in a modern world- here we find simplicity and beauty in chaos. Here life is more meaningful, emotional and imaginative. Here we learn that each and every one of us is an artist, a co-creator of life itself. We bend reality, change perspectives, challenge time, develop our intuition and think outside the box. Thinking with our hearts, we use the understanding our emotions as a strength, not a weakness- we develop career goals, reach new personal growth, conquer business challenges and build stronger relationships. Here we learn to recognize beauty in all its existence and live our life adventurously, colorfully and learn to experience luxury in everything. Living in poetry is both a science and an art, it is the universe in action, it is a love affair with life.



Define what romance means to you. Is it spending time with your partner in a secluded location? Is it taking time to pamper yourself? Is it spending time in nature or being exposed to beautiful art and music? Maybe it’s something as simple as having fresh flowers on your dining room table. Being single doesn’t mean you are left out of a romantic life. Be in love with yourself until the right person comes along. Make your own personal date night. A romantic life isn’t dull or boring. It involves living with passion, determination and an element of risk. Be bold and go after what you want! As the quote says, “Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.” That goes for loving a person, idea or goal. Go for it!


Bringing the poetry into your life, is not necessarily about starting an art class, or becoming the next masterchef, or dusting off your old guitar, it is rather about bringing the consciousness of the artist into what it is that you are already doing. As you raise your perspective from the hum drum 'doingness' of your everyday tasks, to seeing yourself as creating something meaningful for the world and something greater than just yourself, you will be transformed. Brushing your teeth, becomes a creation of health, confidence and beauty. Getting dressed and doing your hair becomes a daily artistic self-expression. Catching the bus becomes an exercise in art appreciation as your observe the style and self-expression in the people on the bus with you. Etc.

“When it comes to living romantically, one shouldn’t follow a road map either – it’s something you should discover through contemplation and intuition.” – Winston Churchill


As you begin to catch a glimpse of the poetry in the world, and tune to the Artistry and Creative flow of things, your life will become, dare I say... "larger than life" ....



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Remember: "The details are not the details. They make the design." - Charles Eames