5 Things Instagram Influencers Do that YOU Need to do for your Brand

Instagram Influencers are looked at like special unicorns these days. They have unique traits that seem to make them stand out in the crowd and get a bazillion followers. While the majority of them don't actually run around with unicorn horns on their heads and rainbow tails on their bottoms ... they do have a special something about them.


It's NOT just what they DO differently - it's their philosophy, mindset and HOW they approach it.

These "unicorns" are less focused on Instagram "tricks, tips and hacks" sourced all over blog posts on the web and understand the core fundamentals of advertising + human emotion + self expression. 

They know hashtags are NOT the answer to their 'influence goals' - and instead, focus on using Instagram as a visual microphone for their already ever growing vision and clear brand philosophy. I too, used to think hashtags were the ultimate secret for growth on Instagram. I was so very wrong.

I want to make note that when I'm describing and talking about Instagram Influencers- I'm not referring to people who were already famous, had big blog followings,  or 1'000's of email subscribers before signing up for a Instagram profile - their fanbase obviously followed them to Instagram...they had a head start.  

The people I am referring to are the true Instagram Visionaries and Instagram Architects and powerhouse innovators of the platforms- their journey on Instagram, much like me: #startedfromthebottom with no prio email list - with just the app + a dream as they launched their powerful ideas, brands and businesses on Instagram.

These "Instagram Architects" as I like to call them are the true masters of the app; they are expert attention grabbers ( in a square moment) , brilliant at digital branding, and elusive marketing pros (even though most of them don't flaunt how incredible they are at branding).

These Instagram Influencers do all the things right that your brand should do too.  

From my personal experience growing my own following from 1,500 - 35K+ followers to my experience building another brand to 7K followers in 6 weeks and from simply identifying the habits of other fast growing Instagrammers launching brands on the platform...

Here are 5 things that Instagram Influencers do that YOU need to do for your brand.


1. They hold a leadership role in their niche. 

Instagram influencers are very aware of their positioning in the market as a leader. They not only have a rock solid Instagram, but they LEAD people to something beyond just pretty pictures. Top Instagram Influencers have bold philosophies and tend to create their entire Instagram profile as a dedication to that. They are keen listeners to their followers and audience and don't see their 'crowd' as 'just numbers.'  Great Instagram Influencers aren't just spectators on Instagram, they are movement makers. 


2. They showcase a vision

Having vision is similar to leadership, BUT how these top Instagram leaders visually showcase their ideas and philosophies is what separates them from the rest. There is a reason I call many talented Instagrammers "Instagram Architects" - because they are truly artists of the platform and just like an architect, have a distinctly unique, signature look- from the way they capture their images... to the way they colorgrade their images... to the way they upload and weave their pictures in beautiful visual patterns.  Talented Instagram Influencers understand how to get their audience to see what they see in their minds. They create a profile that feels more like a movie than a wall of random square poster ads.


3. They make the profile a destination

Not everyone is on Instagram trying to take a virtual vacation, but when a profile FEELS like a destination... like an escape.. like a whole new world, a new follower is more likely to click that follow button. Top Instagram Influencers are probably natural interior designers- they understand that new followers are coming to their digital "space." You wouldn't invite new clients into your hot mess office or your un-organized store, right? So don't expect a new Instagram passer-by to want to follow your journey if you haven't created an atmosphere that they would vibe at. Know your tribe, and build a destination... build a world they can't resist. Top Instagram Influencers are digital destination designers. 


4. They have clear strong values

Instagram Influencers stand for something. Point Blank. Their visions are deeply rooted within their hearts and this naturally tends to bleed into every aspect of their profile. They know that people connect and build relationships through similar values. So to make relationships faster, they are vocal about their values- which helps them quickly find passionate, loyal like-minded people on Instagram. Many great Instagram Influencers also have an ability to share their values while not being pushy, and remaining open minded. They promote what they love instead of bashing what they hate. 


5. They seamlessly use CTA through conversation

Many Instagram Influencers have businesses of their own and sell a product or service. By telling their stories about their service or products in a friendly, no pressure conversation way, they build TONS of trust from their fanbase.  Nobody likes to feel like they are being sold something while lying in their bed at 10pm scrolling through Instagram. But a bedtime story? That's a little more fun to read right? Instagram Influencers tend to value the people over profit. When they do post a call to action,  they make sure it is something their audience actually wants and cares about. Instagram influencers send INVITATIONS to their audience to their call to actions. Being invited to a party always feel more fun than being told to go to a party.... nobody likes being bossed around- but invited, we all like invitations, especially if there is something fantastic on the other side of the invite.  No one wants to miss out on the party! 


All 5 of these traits are important to growing a visionary Instagram account that thrives. My personal experience growing both my personal brand on Instagram as well launching another booming brand has been nothing close to "easy," but what I did realize is that implementing the right habits and following a system based around these "five things" is essential to big-time growth.

To learn my 3 step system and how I grew my following from 1,500-35K+ followers in a year's time,  tune into my Masterclass that I teach and wisdom binge the system I've been using... just don't forget to infuse these 5 traits into your feed while you shoot for the moon with my method to Instagram growth madness ;)


Crystal Schreiner, get a front row seat to my Instagram journey  @directorcrystal 

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