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Cosmic reality does not only exist but emits informative energy, completely different from cosmic radiation. Since all DNA sequences arose under the evolutionary pressure of these cosmic emissions, DNA can serve as an effective antenna to receive this unknown form of energy. Epigenetic mechanisms, known as pliable interpreter between DNA and environment, might function in capturing cosmic information transmissions. Astro-physicists have created the hypothesis of dark matter and dark energy. It is conceivable that dark energy is related to information emissions. 


Cosmic Pills:-

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Each n every disease is the expression of our body. Say for ex:- Fever where body temperature increases.
Actually the problem is, there is infection or virus in our body and when our immune fights with that virus or
infection our body temperature increases. So the medicine we should take is to boost the immune system of
our body. So that it can fight n remove those virus or infection from our body. Let’s take another example
say High Blood Pressure, a problem where blood becomes thicker and what we do is we take the medicine
to make the blood thinner, but again blood becoming thicker is an expression of our body. The root cause for
this expression is different but we don’t focus on it. Even medically the name for BP disorder is Hypertension
so the root cause is we are becoming hypertensed. So the medicine which we should take is to reduce our

Generally all the severe and chronic diseases are due to our wrong expression. Say for example:- Diabetes or
Thyroid are part of our immune disorder, because of the way we express to the situations or people around
us, we get prone to these diseases.

Even chronic disorders of say digestion or skin infection are because of our wrong expression like say anger
or irritation. Our shoulder pain or say back pain is because of worry, or being into either past or future.


your cosmic perfection infused into your cells is the future of medicine

Overall, dark energy is thought to contribute 73 percent of all the mass and energy in the universe. Another 23 percent is dark matter, which leaves only 4 percent of the universe composed of regular matter, such as stars, planets and people. Merge into the darkness and be light.

For every action from surrounding we express in a certain way. In other words it reacts or responds. This is
the most important aspect of us which we have neglected till now. We have never paid attention that for
every of our response to external situation or person our body also responds in a certain way, and these
responses actually affects our health. Expressions are not only external as in say what is visible or can be
observed. Actually as a human or say living being we have tendency to express and this tendency is on macro
cellular level as well. Our each n every cell has expression and when the expression on the cellular level gets
disturbed then it tends to be disease prone. Till now we have just focused on the expressions or changes
that are visible through eyes but the core or important is to focus on expressions which we feel. Our feelings,
emotions & thoughts are the key aspects to be watched for our health and that’s why, all the medical
practitioner’s thorough out the world usually says that 90% of diseases comes to us because of stress &
tension. And stress & tension are the part of our non visible or say expressions of feelings & emotions.

If we change the way we express means the way we think, feel, our emotions & our behavior we will be able
to make ourselves healthy & happy.

Biochemistry of our body is also controlled by our expressions means – thoughts, emotions & feelings,
behavior. Clinically our body is controlled by hormones & enzymes and secretion of a hormone & enzyme or
even non secretion is controlled by our thoughts, emotions & feelings. If we keep proper thoughts, emotions
& feelings our bio chemistry will be in place & we will be physically healthy.

Currently the medicines we take using the other standard approaches majorly focuses on biochemistry &
focus is not on the expressions. It’s good to a certain extent, but not effective in every case.

Our basic human tendency is that when we have been provided with what we want by someone else, we will
not take efforts for gaining it and we become habituated & dependent on the source, providing us to our
requirement. And even when our requirement increases, we will be dependent on that source provider to
provide us. This is not just our external tendency but this is at even cellular level.
Generally each & every requirement of body gets fulfilled within our body structure. In a way we are like self
sufficient to provide what is needed, and that person is said to be perfectly healthy. But when there is
imbalance in one area then body strives for getting the requirement and brings back the balance but if we
start to provide the requirement externally then it will not provide it internally. And it will become
dependent on the external source fully. That’s why doses of diseases like Diabetes, Thyroid or any other
diseases keeps on increasing rather than decreasing and we become dependent on those medications for
healthy life.

Actually medicine should be such like it should give necessary support to our system so that it can provide
everything what is needed internally only. Then the dependency on medicine will not be there.

Every year our body changes 98% of cells so cellular regeneration is one of the core processes of body going
on a continuous basis. Because of this tendency of body we can cure chronic diseases of internal cellular
damages. Scientist in western countries has done one experiment for this that on a group of patients
suffering with acute knee problems and had to undergo knee replacement surgery. They divided those
patients in two groups one group they performed the knee replacement surgery and other they just did a
sham operation where they just opened the knee and again stitch back without doing anything. Patients
from both the group one on whom actual surgery was done and the one on whom just the sham operation
was done have reported same level of recovery in the same time and after 2 to 3 months all the patients
from both group were completely healthy & ok and no signs of knee problem.

So it all depends on our thoughts, emotions & feelings if they are proper our bio chemistry will be proper
and we can cure in any disease or discomfort which is unbelievable considering other standard treatment
approaches. The main concern is that it should get the necessary support to bring those changes within.

Cosmic Pills are the medicine which not only provides support but also helps and creates the need to change
the expressions that are not proper for our health. These pills have the information about that and they pass
on the information to our cellular level. This information gets absorbed on cellular level and cells then began
to change their expression. Then question arises why it takes time to cure? As we do certain things
repeatedly then it becomes our behavior and to change the behavior we need to repeatedly to the rectified
action so that it becomes our behavior. Same happens on our cellular level the one which becomes behavior
or tendency takes time to change but once that is changed that changes permanently unless again you
willing gets into improper actions or say responses. And that’s why these Pills make us independent of
medicines. We need not to take these medicines lifelong.

Cosmic Pills do not have any physical matter having medicinal capacity like Allopath, Homeopath or
Ayurved. It just has information stored in the form of frequencies. And that’s why it does not have any side
effect on our body. As it is focused on changing the expression on cellular level it only modifies our
expression and nothing else, which in turn brings changes in our bio chemistry.