Wellness The Everyday Vacation

CONFESSION! ( Gosh these make me feel vulnerable).

I used to REALLY DISLIKE the idea of wellness. Why? Because it didn't look fun to me. I was always a girl looking for an adventure, and I saw wellness as a trap.. a way to SLOW ME DOWN. 

I hated the idea of having to sit still, think about how everything was affecting my mind/body and health. I simply 'didn't have time for that' as 99% of people would say when you first embark the idea of wellness with them. 

I was a wild child, living life in the fast lane and listen, I used to sleep 3-4 hours a night get up and GO GO GO, eat crappy food, never work out and most certainly never take time to give myself the afternoon for relaxing. Call it my midwestern worker-bee engrained mindset, or whatever it was. But soon, this lifestyle stopped me in my tracks ( several times) until it FORCED me to SLOW THE HECK DOWN and smell the roses ( literally). 

So what happened when I slowed down? I started seeing life differently, I started seeing new moments that I had been missing out on. I started hearing my thoughts ( this is big). I started spending time alone just to BE and it felt AMAZING. I cut out all the negative in my life, and it was like a new beginning. It felt like an adventure. And where there is adventure- there is FUN, a whole lot of surprises and excitement. 

What I love about wellness, is it never gets old once you embark its miraculously healing effects on your life.  It is a never-ending process of blooming into your most amazing, beautiful self that you wish you would have embraced earlier. 

Wellness gives you a reason to celebrate life. And as the quote goes...

"The more we celebrate in life- the more we have to celebrate. " 

Crystal SchreinerComment