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dream-scapes: (noun)

: an intentionally designed transformational atmosphere and highly sensorially fine tuned,  creative directed experience for the energetic body and third eye to integrate into the physical self; delicately, precisely and atomically woven at a quantum level through multidimensionally layered streams of light and photons in the expression of color, rhythm, sound, music, texture, tone, space, and symbols. Where unseen universal laws are composed like an orchestra to pulse cosmic magic and miracles, therefore creating a Morphogenic field of euphoric bliss, clarity and divine intelligence through beauty, everywhere

{ Morphogenic field: from the Greek morphê shape and genesis creation: "beginning of the shape" } 

: an event of the imagination, with no boundaries, where surrealistic landscapes of harmony are accepted as truth and normal, followed by an alchemical synthesis process plotting realistic goals and intentions for manifestation by divine will and systematic creative expression

see also: utopia, wonderland, heaven, perfection, promised-land, Eden, flight of imagination, pearly gates, atmosphere, next world, new earth, fairyland



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space capacity for this dreamscape is limited to only 7 committed visionary, sisters



This Intimate Havana Dreamscape is a Women's Only Business Legacy Creation Container for New Paradigm Leaders;

Paired With a Very High Touch, Obviously Alchemical, 6 Month: Brand Creation, Business Energetics Mastery and Precise Cosmic Blueprint Creative Direction ( Integral Vision Management ) Prosperity Mastermind.


Payment Option One: $18,000 at $3,000/mo for 6 months

Payment Option Two: $1,600 for 12 months

Payment Option Three: $15,000 full pay




S C R O L L    T O    E X P L O R E    M O R E

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The visionary starts with a clean sheet of paper,

and re-imagines the world.

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Cosmic Cuban Quest 

A High Vibration Frequency Container, Finely Curated  for Creative Direction, Vision and Intuition Breakthroughs.



H e a v e n    i s   e s t a b l i s h ed

w h e r e v e r    t h e   r i g h t   a d j u s t m e n t s

t o    c o s m i c   l a w s   a r e   m a d e.


When you spend time

With angels

You understand the angels.

When you seek the deep

You understand the depth.

When you have nothing

To prove, nothing to hide. 

You're granted access to your

Heavenly Vision.

When you stop pushing

And pulling. 

You receive the truest form of Flow.

When you light the way. 

You illuminate all for those around


And when you create,

and bring it into form,

you build the new world

of peace.


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Your Catalyst, 

The Vision Alchemist


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This experience is for eclectic, bohemian electrifying visionaries with heavenly dreams. 

the fearless rebels with mystic hearts and truth in their veins




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