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I was born to break the rules and live to the rhythm of beauty.

I deliver harmony, liberation and radical freedom . 

 I  shift paradigms with quantum creative expression and superconscious aesthetics, and ignite mystical misfit visionaries' creative genius and businesses on Instagram teaching the art of infinite expression:  flow to form.

I work with universal laws, rapid reasoning and synthesizing disparate elemental patterns into a grand vision to transmute & build legacies, brands and cultures from the timeless, cosmic dimension.


THIS IS The alchemy of beauty.

where imagination, intuition and AESTHETIC intelligence Create wealth.

I facilitate The Divine Design.

Just Be.

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Scroll on down and get 

your internet 

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we are all CREATIVe INTUITIVE geniuses

from The Gene Keys

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Crystal Schreiner Beauty Everywhere Flow to Form Book Instagram Storytelling Secrets

Trust me, you're a creative genius.

Your soul is yearning to access superconscious aesthetic expression. It is the release to infinite creative flow.... to create like Mozart, like Michelangelo, Da Vinci.. like the biggest creative leaders of our time.  You already know, you are world class. Made perfectly in harmony, waiting to embody beauty in your cells ... to  magnetize and transcend every moment in life. For a limited time I'm giving away my actionable, intuitive branding to Instagram marketing' book "Storytelling Secrets: Flow to Form. 10x your Instagram Through Quantum Creative Expression... immediate download available on Amazon today! 

Yes it's practical, yes its deep.

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Culture Change Alchemist and Innovation Facilitator by 

Holistic + Scientific MultiDimensional Sacred Design 

for Global Brands. 

I AM a Guardian of the Earth

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Crystal Schreiner As Seen in Forbes Elle Sports Illustrated Success Magazine
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Expressing Cosmic Order and Harmony of the Spheres in All

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: an intentionally designed transformational atmosphere and highly sensorially fine tuned,  creative directed experience for the energetic body and third eye to integrate into the physical self; delicately, precisely and atomically woven at a quantum level through multidimensionally layered streams of light and photons in the expression of color, rhythm, sound, music, texture, tone, space, and symbols. Where unseen universal laws are composed like an orchestra to pulse cosmic magic and miracles, therefore creating a Morphogenic field of euphoric bliss, clarity and divine intelligence through beauty, everywhere


: an event of the imagination, with no boundaries, where surrealistic landscapes of harmony are accepted as truth and normal, followed by an alchemical synthesis process plotting realistic goals and intentions for manifestation by divine will and systematic creative expression

see also: utopia, wonderland, heaven, perfection, promised-land, Eden, flight of imagination, pearly gates, atmosphere, next world, new earth, fairyland






Create like Michelangelo, Mozart and Steven Spielberg in the modern age.

the business mastermind + quest for creative geniuses

Coming in 2018



                    Imagination proves we are infinite. What will you dare to dream with me? 

                  Imagination proves we are infinite. What will you dare to dream with me? 



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Quantum Creative Expression workbook

Supernatural Instagram Marketing by Divine Design and Vision Alchemy

Science proves a new era of marketing, and that magic is real.



Flow to Form

deep dive


world renowned flow alchemist joanna turner

Crystal Schreiner Brands She Has Worked With Innovation
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I'm a holistic, beauty from the inside out lifestyle advocate. A brand culture alchemist and coach for visionary leaders. I combine big idea branding with zen AF soul wisdom. I'm a rebel creative director and director. I share my storytelling secrets here from the trenches of Hollywood and my experience engineering visions for popstars (like the really really famous ones)...

things to know, maybe so... Maybe so...


My clients straight up call me a magician. and that is what I activate in others- the inner magician.  

International and billion dollar brands hire me to innovate their businesses' visions for the future.

I work with gaia's Global Grids and and the cosmic harmonies... that powerful energy that creates all of matter.

I am a new type of consultant for the new < SCIENTIFICALLY proven > paradigm of business. 


Alchemy is my craft: The art and science of imagination.  The Symbolic LANGUAGE of the psyche & Soul.

i focus on transcending, bending space and time through creative alignment to beauty, in & out. 

I'm a skilled multi-disciplinary artist, a master at grounding the imagination & think like an architect, I     mean, I am a film director. I create worlds. .. cultures...  paradigms... 

I recognize and decode practical meaning within intrinsic and visual patterns.

I'm really really really fascinated with the energetic power of aesthetic weaving = love.                                

i weave frequencies. I bring them to life. I start movements & unlock roi for brands, people & businesses.

Quantum physics proves grounding the invisible feminine dimension is the only true sustainable solution to marketing growth - tis my specialty.

I love collaborating and creating original content with brands that have a visionary mission.

I Teach the art of building and embodying vision. in full harmony. full on masterpiece style.

ive apprenticed under some of the most world renowned creatives shaping culture today. 

and have studied creative geniuses and creativity my whole life. 

If you're looking to learn from a virtual creative director, look no further.

I'll spill (almost) all my secrets here soon, this is just the intro.

The good news is I didn't "sell my soul" in Hollywood - in fact I did the opposite.

My experience in hollywood enabled me to see the ego-centrically engineered roots in culture.

After stumbling upon a book that flooded my thoughts with wisdom from Plato,

I told myself I would use all my knowledge to help engineer more good in the world

and help change makers unlock their "popstar" potential, instead of building egos and false paradigms.

I promised myself I would help spread more beauty everywhere on this planet

and create a culture of harmony.

making conscious leaders the new trendsetters

and transform brands into revolutionary,

agents of change.

This is about Heaven on Earth and it starts with seeing ... and creating #beautyeverywhere. 


Crystal Schreiner on the River Milwaukee Wisconsin Beauty Everywhere

3 synchronicities I followed to Manifest a Magical Dream House.

Proof that the intuition is always guiding you.

"The universe is full of magical things, patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper."

- Eden Phillpotts

be delighted & ignited

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insta on ther rise beauty everywhere crystal schreiner forbes

I reverse engineered the universal new media language of Instagram.


The results?


radically  authentic brand alignment and 17x growth...

You've never seen anything like this before. Promise. 

students I teach be like... 


Crystal Schreiner in Forbes Beauty Everywhere and Insta on the Rise Instagram Training from Hollywood Director

Crystal Schreiner on Beauty Everywhere @directorcrystal Creator Teacher Storyteller Director Coach
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