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Crystal Schreiner is a multi-disciplinary holistic vision alchemist- a rather quirky but poetic creative entrepreneur, director, writer, Instagram architect and beautiful living activist and visionary from small town Wisconsin.

Translating and weaving a brand into a vibrant, emotive culturally rich story and into 'form'  through various multi-media in sound, film, pictures and copy is her craft of obsession. Her work has been described as stylized visual storytelling.. with feminine, imaginative, nostalgic and cinematic characteristics. Crystal's inspirations stem from her experience in the hyper-creative coastal industries she immersed herself into - the fashion photography scene of NYC and the music video world of Hollywood.

She sites visionaries, imagineers, creative scientists, and leaders such as Walt Disney, Gabrielle Bernstein, Ellen von Unwerth, Plato, Jim Henson, Katy Perry, Anthony Mandler, Salvidor Dali, Woodkid, Lana del Rey, Buckminster Fuller, Tim Walker, Einstein, Beatrix Potter, Amit Goswami and Woody Allen amongst her eclectic mix of creative influences.

Child at heart, she is an inquisitive, muliti-passionate and fearless creative rebel with a unique and always deeply spiritual, artistic and mystical perspective in the world.

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Originally from a small village with no stoplights called Athens, WI, Crystal took a leap of faith to see what the world had to offer ( originally dreaming of becoming a composer). Much of her inspiration comes from her world travels, as she actually once lived in 6 cities in one year and holds a place in her dancing heart for the discotecas of Espana.

She is a seasoned New York Fashion Week photographer, having worked alongside legends like Bill Cunningham shooting the fashionable streets of New York for Refinery29. Her work has been seen in national publications like Sports Illustrated and ELLE Magazine and she's had pleasure to be part of creative editorial productions teams with brands like Vouge Italia, Glamour Magazine and mega girl-band 5th Harmony.

After obtaining a degree in advertising from Maquette University - Post-college, Crystal skipped the 'real world job system,' choose uncertainty and dove into entrepreneurship at the ripe age of 21. She spent a few years launching a small business marketing company (that was featured in Success Magazine) and later moved to Los Angeles for an intensive director's apprenticeship working under internationally renowned music video director Hannah Lux Davis learning and refining her craft in filmmaking, orchestrating visions and assisting the productions for some of the biggest A-List music artists in the world. 

An avid reader about human psychology, love, dreams, holistic living, metaphysics, quantum creativity, philosophy-and of course advertising,  her intrinsic and spontaneous approach to life can be viewed as harmonious, poetic and balanced in chaos- an absolute adventure constantly venturing into the unknown. 

Crystal works as a professional vision alchemist at her consultancy firm Bast Pictures. She is the co-founder and visionary behind the global brand Arches and Halos, in partnership with retailer Target. When she's  not busy visioning new paradigms for global brands, teaching  Instagram, creative directing, and building her body of directorial work, she is vigorously pursuing an abundant life as a creative leader, visual storyteller, and a spiritual mentor to women who want live and create from the rhythm within their awakened hearts ... 

or as she sums it up:  women who want to experience



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I'm from small town Wisconsin,

land of more sheep &

cows than people. 

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backyard friends in my hometown

I am a lover of roses, tea, books about angels, breaking the rules, working under the moon, jamming to hip hop & EDM and am currently dreaming of getting too many tattoos. I dance with my dark edgy side and live in the light ;)  ... it's all part of the creative madness I'll teach you soon.

Now, I hate being called a 'guru'.. please don't call me a guru haha! I simply fell head over heals in love with mastering violin as a child, dreamt of being a world class composer one day... my father told me music would make me broke as a joke so I decided to "legitimize" my creative brain and snatched up a degree in advertising...... but then ... fell into chasing a fashion photography career dreaming of Vogue shoots. I did find myself on set working in styling for magazines like Glamour and Vogue Italia..but I eventually flipped that passion into the hot pursuit of living up to my greatest potential as a director, combining music+pictures and orchestrating music video visions for the most famous rockstars and popstars in Hollywood ... I invested my life savings into my director's portfolio, but..

Then 2014 came, and social media had practically taken over the world at that point, giving creatives a fighting chance to spread their genius like widlfire... with that said, I saw a huge opportunity, took FULL advantage of that and dove into mastering the hottest artfrom since paintbrushes & canvases were invented- you know, Instagram... and now you are here. Welcome new reader. Thank you Instagram. 

It's been quite the process learning the holistic art of harmony across so many different "forms" as philosophers and scientists would call it. The first day I picked up the violin I could play music..  realizing I had the ability to create harmony by using only my inner thoughts and fingers on a sting struck me like a bolt of lightning and I never... ever... ever stopped chasing beauty, in the pursuit of always uncovering and creating great harmony.

Long story short, Hollywood didn't necessarily fulfill my hearts' desires, and I knew I was called to do something more impactful with the gifts I was given and the skills and secrets of Hollywood I had worked my ass off to learn. Being a world class creative and mastering harmony was still my dream, I just didn't know where I would fit in the world. So- Stuck in life, in 2015, I moved back home to help my mother through breast cancer treatments, where I returned to simplicity, silence, nature and my childhood backyard with that big ole' maple tree you see below. This is where the magic happened. 

Crystal Schreiner Beauty Everywhere Instagram Marketing @directorcrystal

Through a summer of

daily meditation...twice a day... 

studying the science of creativity

and quantum physics.

I dug deeper than ever before

and surrendered ...

to the path of beauty everywhere.

I surrendered to creating a heaven on earth.

I realized inner harmony would cure my mother, myself and change the world. It was the 'key' 'to brand alignment and world class work. I realized "as within, so without." And now, I'm here to unite creative leaders and help change makers express their 'popstar' light in epic ways. I'm here to make love and wisdom mainstream and help bring vision to a better truth in the world.


I know that sustainable advertising from inner harmony is the future, and I'm here to carve a path for creatives to thrive back into society and create this world with me. 


It's a big goal but I have no fear,

because like Joan of Arc said,

"I was born to do this."

It's been WILD. Can you tell? 


My methodology is an art and science centered from the heart. It will flip your life and brand inside out and develop the original artprint of your mission, from the atoms up, in perfect harmony ( I told you, I go realllll deep.) Once you have that.. it feels so awesome, you won't be able to help but go forth in the world confidently in the direction of your beautiful dreams, probably dancing half the way there. ( HELLO Beyonce, right?)

But really, back to business. I'm very serious about the knowledge I teach because it pushes evolution in a better direction and teaches others how to access and utilize their creative freedom. 

My approach bridges

spirit and advertising

into something you've likely

never stumbled upon before - even if you have,

I offer you a new perspective and some things to ponder on.  

Here we explore innovative, scientific, disruptive category thinking, with a strong feminine intuitive twist - no lab coats needed, prepare to expand your vocabulary.


 My methodology is called:

Quantum Creative Expression


Here's the trick, I cannot teach you; I can only make you think.

Let me lead the way... 

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