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T H E   M A S T E R M I N D + Q U E S T   F O R    C R E A T I V E   G E N I U S E S

   at the genius loci of milwaukee, wi

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Welcome to this journey, this experience, this saga invoking heaven on earth.

Into the intrinsic, I'm here to teach and guide you to the essence and alchemy of the divine design and prosperity. My intention is that you will become a master of the essential self and develop an ability to live guided by spiritual intelligence in your daily expression. Digging into life and business as a union of full expression of self, I will dive into the root of branding, energetic mastery, embodied thought leadership, sacred selling, practical social media marketing and how we can create a world of Beauty Everywhere. On this journey, you will learn how ignite your innate creative genius through brand alignment, creative direction, and social media.

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upon designing a Villa, perfect harmony must be the goal.

spiritual criteria, mystical and magical

dimension must be fulfilled.

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B E A U T Y    E V E R Y W H E R E

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The next frontier is the understanding the intuitive dimension

of the human . . . We are the key to evolution.


alchemy is  a symbolic language.

Symbolic alchemy is an art of imagination. -

 it functions as a soul bridge of image, metaphor and living symbol.

Having both tangible form and inexplicable essence. 


alchemists communicate in a secret code language of metaphors and symbols 

leave your heads behind- alchemical metaphors are non-rational 

alchemy is a psychological language. 


As opposed to science- alchemy tries to bring the whole into spirit.

science tries to bring the whole into matter.

Alchemy is working with all dimensions.

The infinite.

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     the Master Magician and Alchemist

         divine messenger and master of art, science and speed

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Hermes holds, the caduceus  And is the

god of alchemy

The symbol is by legend, a magic wand, symbol of medicine, and the symbol of peace. Besides being the messenger of the gods, Hermes guided humans through their changes of being.




creating from the perfect, timeless presence.


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and the stone, she kissed, before the victory


Visionary Mystic and Warrior

and fairy dancer, yes fairies












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Step into the Lightbody Crystalline Grid of Christ Consciousness


Transmutation into the Light.

This Crystalline Matrix of Divine Love surrounds you and all Life through the geometric, holographic, sonic and fractal matrix of Light flowing through and within this multi-universe. 

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To architect creation

One must be here with the Self

To feel the moment from body so

Grasping forth the artistic tool

To paint a world of order from chaos

One must allow the presence to speak forth

Through every motion of the hand

For the divine blueprint is ever received

As the wizard designs upon the mind

Yet listening to the heart of beauty inward

To meet the aethers upon the earth plane

Both feet must be landed and rooted firm

Fluid though in its grace and step

Sight unhindered as it knows deep truth

Then the alchemist transmutes the past

Remembering that there is only now

Time cast away to stories no more

This is the destiny of a creator

For the greatest of the craft

Is when the vessel of Man

Meets the breath of God

Angel woven in the dance of two

Becoming whole as eternally one

For it is those hands

Bestowed through the light of creation

That nourish forth great reverence

Of all that is

And all to become

In the pursuit of nothing

Yet everything

For that is love manifest

Heaven on earth

The moment ever building

To new heights upon itself

Forever exploring infinity

As the will surrenders to magic

Thus the real freedom birthed from dying.

And living reborn in the moment

of breath.





intelligence is the source of creativity. 


The crafts of vision and creation is next level

mastery. I'm talkin' miracles, baby. Quantum hand of God.




I train modern day magicians, mystics, and creative geniuses ( disguised as coaches, executives, creative directors, filmmakers, healers, speakers, authors and visionary leaders ) how to orchestrate their intuition into every breath of creation and perfect full self expression.


This is the alchemy of divine design.

This is Beauty Everywhere.

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Learn Hands on from a director. The universal laws of the visionary creator:

Bring light, color, story, sound and every moments you breath into vision into to form. Bridge dimentions seemlessly. Heighten your awareness to the infinite and live your legend.

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THE best Dance PARTY ON THE PLANET galactically Expressed


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in your body


into the 

EMBODIED frequency 

of your divine design.




Learn how to create the song of your soul.



                                                                                                                                  under the great midwestern vortex

                                                                                                                                  under the great midwestern vortex

Milwaukee, WI





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The Water with a Consciousness,

T h e   w o m b   o f   t h e   e a r t h. 

Holding 20% of the world's freshwater, 

the most sacred source of water sustaining us on earth is awakening ...

With the activation of the yin/feminine (water) energy on our planet, The Great Lakes Vortex is activating, igniting 'living water.' Beneath the surface of these vast waters lies an energy vortex so strong that when fully activated will transform the planet.

Electromagnetic emanations from our galaxy as well as from galaxies beyond are being focused on this area of the world right now. Within the next twenty years the Great Lakes will be fully vibrating as a tuning fork for the planet. Quantum science has demonstrated water’s role in communication between cells in the body, between organisms and other life forms.  This information is for both nourishment for life maintenance, and for its development and evolution.  

It is necessary for water to have a level of consciousness to do this.

 In quantum biology, it has been observed by water visionaries and water geniuses, that water binds all of life into one vast network of energy, allowing instant communication and coherence. The memory of water reveals the same water has been cycling through Earth's history since the dawn of time, holding billions of years of planetary information within its molecular structure, making water nature's greatest recycling, reclaiming and healing agent. 

Water is the epitome of holism. It connects all of life; and life cannot exist without it. 

Understand + Learn the Spiritual Power of Water:

The Miracle of Water: The Yin & the Yang

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First Round, Only 15 Seats Available

 —  + 3 day immersion dates TBD — 

Investment: $5,555.00 ( Includes 3 Day Immersion at Villa ) 

Payment: $2555 down to cover the first month, $1,000/month ( for 3 months after ) 

Or $4,444.00 Pay in Full ( Save $1,111 ) 


Ready for the Expansion?

to maintain the integrity of this group experience, you must apply & qualify

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