Intutive Creative Direction, Divine Expression & Branding by Being Catalyst.

from a-list popstars, to Tedx speakers.. International Luxury Beauty Brands... to Globally Recognized CEO's

I ignite leadership and orchestrate &

design visions that thrive from the soul frequency expression.

I'm a wildly divergent thinker, intuitive dreamweaver,

skilled multi-disciplinary artist and storyteller.

I facilitate flow to form wherever I go. 

I am dedicated to shifting paradigms and

creating a world of harmony. 

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Beauty Mystic at Heart, Creative Director by Trade, Catalyst by Nature.

Combining 10+ years of visual orchestration and advertising experience with ancient wisdom and integral leadership coaching, I channel and craft visionary movements into multi-media masterpieces with precision, raise frequencies of businesses and transform CEO's, leaders and visionaries into multi-dimensional iconic brands, infused with truth, divine expression, and transformative storytelling from the inside out.
 This is Quantum Creative Expression™  

Unleashing your being into a creative masterpiece that attracts abundance through authentic expression is my business. I am mixed breed: an intuitive guide, leadership coach, new media brand strategist, and experienced vision alchemist having created for world class artists and household celebrities and CEO's.

To learn my craft, I sought after the best teachers on the planet. My mentors hail from Vogue..  some produce for Beyonce. Living in the famed material world give me skills, but eventually made me sick. Aside from dancing a lot, I was born to make a new world with these skills - born to bring new age leaders' ideas and visions to life. I'm here to activate conscious creators in the media  working with trailblazers ready to shine in their whole BEING Developing platforms and experiences that wake up the world. 

As a visual pattern and symbol expert, I'm a close friend with my natural clairvoyant skills. I have what some call symbolic sight. In essence, I work intrinsically from the inside out with energy and can interpret. I often experience seeing clear, precise poetic visions effortlessly from frequencies and auras  - and have my whole life. I have learned, that I tap into the soul's visual DNA blueprint across timelines both future and past.

Ironically my name means "see clearly."  And what I do: I crystalize and alchemize visions into brands and businesses - into FORM. I combine my spiritual gifts with my 10+ years skills as a professional creative director and film director to my client's soul frequency igntiing flow to form, a process I deem as Quantum Creative Expression™- in the process, I shift the paradigm to align with truth.

This gets multi-dimensional and drives transformation in sales, relationships, personal and professional development. My clients call me a magician, because a majority of my work is invisible but can be actually felt in the atmosphere and experienced in the heart; igniting clarity, vision, client attraction, healing and an intense desire to lead and express. This is ultimately the fine art.. of alignment.

This work is unconventional and integral but highly effective and proven to drive results. You will learn how to see Beauty Everywhere (flow), so that you make create beauty .. everywhere (form). It is full the embodiment of this message - a balance of feminine and masculine energy you will master. If you are ready to uplevel your mindset to a new paradigm,  build a visually iconic brand for your company or personal brand and want activate from your vision's authentic soul frequency, apply today.

In order to serve my highest gifts, I take my time/work very seriously and only work with serious game-changers and leaders committed to impact in their mission and business. 

If you feel the calling, Apply via application here: 

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